Porch Tidying

  • Clean off porch surface by sweeping
  • High power pressure wash porch/deck sterilizing
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Beat/Clean rugs to remove dust and pollen debris
  • Launder porch furniture cleaning pillows, fabric and surfaces
  • Replace any light fixtures, bulbs
  • Stage furniture
  • Refresh planters, including hanging plants 

Grill Cleaning 

  • Clean & sanitize grill inside and out 
  • Replace gas/ oil needed
  • Provide additional gas/ propane if needed
  • Ensure grill utensils are up to date, clean and in an accessible area.

Garage Organization

  • Thoroughly clean all surfaces, including sweeping floors & dusting cabinets
  • Purging and removing any garbage & broken items
  • Organize garage into categories along with organizational shelves, boxes, & shelves to support

Additional Services To Assist With COVID-19

Prescription Drug Pickup
Pick up any prescriptions you have at local pharmacies

Donation Pick Up
Pick up and deliver to the designated donation facility

Home Depot & Store Pick Up/Shopping
Pick up any miscellaneous needs or shoppingĀ 

Grocery Pick Up
Pick up any grocery list you may have to minimize your exposure

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