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    Jennifer Zyman
    Posted November 11, 2019 5:45 am 0Likes

    I am looking for someone to come a couple of times a week to do the following: empty and load the dishwasher when the housekeeper is not there, purchase and load our favorite drinks at home, return packages to the mall and ups, help me get the kids bags packed and ready for activities, and general house management things so i can work and spend time with my kids.

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      Posted November 12, 2019 1:41 pm 0Likes

      Hi Jennifer – We are definitely able to do chores around the home as you mentioned. We do require a 2.5-3 hours minimum per visit but that can include shopping time for the groceries or any other errand time. Please simply book a consultation if you are interested in speaking with us directly and showing us what you need, or you can email us at admin@atlantamomcierge.com for additional information as well.
      Thank you – Erin

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